Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Exciting Program Manager Position in Toronto!

   Lawrence Park Community Church (LPCC), a congregation in the United Church of Canada, will launch a weekly music, lecture, and catered-meal program in September 2019 that will focus on a generous spirituality for Toronto and community building. We are searching for a person to plan and administer this project, as well as help LPCC plan our current annual events, full-time, beginning this Spring.

LPCC: United, Unlimited, Unorthodox
   Candidates from all faith backgrounds are invited to apply. Candidates must be respectful of the spiritual aims of the church. A competitive salary will be commensurate with education and experience. LPCC is a LGBTQ-affirming congregation and equal opportunity employer.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide planning and marketing support for all church programs.
  • First, to work with a mostly-volunteer Launch Team to plan a weekly Sunday-Evening Meal/Music/Lecture/Breakout program.
  • Help locate and enroll speakers and musicians for this program.
  • Actively manage allocated budget.
  • Second, to work with staff and volunteers to design, organize, market and run other annual events, including: Art Show, Christmas Market, Homecoming.
  • Provide both print and social media marketing direction and hands-on support for all events, maintaining our social-media presence on multiple platforms.
  • Onsite lead for all events. Responsible for managing set up, catering, AV, and signage.
  • Maintain program playbooks to streamline future planning.
  • Plan programming with the help of a team-based software suite.
  • Events require frequent weekend work.
Knowledge, Experience and Skills: 

  • A strong background in the spiritual and cultural dimensions of Canadian life.
  • Experience negotiating with high-level speakers from education, entertainment or industry.
  • Certificate in Event Planning or equivalent education or experience.
  • Deep familiarity with Office-like software suites.
  • Excellent writing and interpersonal communication skill.
  • Familiarity with SEO, webpage design and construction.
  • Demonstrated experience building, tracking and reporting on a social media following on key platforms for a non-profit organization or business entity, ideally including experience with Hoot Suite or similar software.
  • A multi-tasker able to adapt to changing priorities and duties.
  • Team player who can work with and take directions from a volunteer organizing committee.
  • Self-starter who can take initiative when required.
  • Desirable: Strong public and motivational speaking ability.

Please send applications to johndsuk@mac.com by March 30. We will review applications as they arrive.


  1. Great to see the progress LPCC is making on this, John. It struck me that one of the huge assets at LPCC is the abundance of grandparents :). A lot of parents with younger children might want to participate in nourishing their spiritual practices through this new ministry option, but if you've just got the toddlers on a regular sleeping schedule it can seem like a lot of overhead to haul them with you and them try to get them settled when you get back home. (And the idea of getting the teenager down the block to baby-sit seems to be a relic of the past.)

    I'm sure a lot of your existing congregation's members may not feel called to join in the new ministry format. But would they be willing to help a new generation join in by making it easier for them to participate? A lot of the new crowd you are targeting is likely to be 'regular but sporadic' in their participation, so even a once-a-month commitment as 'Grandparents a LA Mode' might go a long way in communicating LPCC's love and care for younger neighbours.


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