Thursday, August 27, 2015

Great Book Club Discussion at LPCC

This fall, at Lawrence Park Community Church, I will lead a class/book-club that explores the future of Christian faith, belief and theology. We’ll do so by reading Peter Rollins Insurrection: To Believe is Human; To Doubt Divine.

In this book, Rollins imagines what Christianity would be like without religion. He calls it Pyrotheology, others call it Radical Theology or A/theism. I was deeply moved by this book, and am eager to share it with other interested members or friends of Lawrence Park! In fact, everyone in Toronto is invited! 

This book isn’t written only for theology specialists, but also for engaged lay people. 

Each week I’ll preview the discussion by laying out the background of a few of the Biblical, theological, and cultural issues that Rollins raises, and from there we’ll discuss what he has to say.

Join us for what promises to be a riveting, enjoyable examination of whether or not church, faith, and Christianity still make sense today! You can order the book online at Amazon or several other places.

The book has eight chapters and we’ll take one a week, from Wednesday October 7 through Wednesday November 25. The class will meet from 7:30 to around 9 pm at LPCC, 2180 Bayview Ave., across from Sunnybrook Hospital. Parking on site.