Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Introduction to Not Sure by John Suk

                   The introduction to my book, Not Sure: A Pastor's Journey from Faith to Doubt, is available by clicking the title link. The introduction explains why I value doubt, and tells (in part) the story of how I arrived at that conclusion. Check it out!

          You can order the book from Eerdmans.com, or Amazon.com or .ca. You can also buy it at, or order through your local bookstore.


  1. John,

    Can't wait to read this!
    I've ordered copies for me, my senior pastor, and a member of the congregation who was also interested.


    Jason Postma

    1. Jason I can't believe you ordered this for a pastor. How about getting him something from John MacArthur or RC Sproul...men that proclaim and defend the authority of scripture!

  2. Thanks, Jason. Hope you enjoy the whole book! John

  3. I ordered this book today after reading your blog. What you speak of I have experienced even more as I age and my kids have left the house. I am becoming more honest about it all. So your book sounds like one I need to read. Thanks. Jim


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